Move Data


Move Data from Entourage to Outlook  v.6.5

Entourage to PST Conversion Software transfers entire Microsoft Entourage email properties such as to, cc, bcc, fields and attachments to PST file format without losing any information.

Data Copy Utility  v.1.6.0

Data Copy Utility to Copy and Move Data from one Computer to Another computer with Same Date and Time. Data Copy Utility capable of working in a network. The user can choose the date and time while moving or copying data i.e. folders and files


Advance Data Copy Tool  v.1.5

Advance Data Copy Tool, Copy and Move Data from one Computer to Another computer with Same or Current Date & Time.

XAware Data Integration Project  v.965

Create services to integrate applications & move data of any type.

DbQwikSync2MySQL  v.1.0

Do you need to move your data to mySQL???? dbQwikSync2 is a lightweight easy to use data migration wizard that will save you hours of frustration trying to move data to your mySQL server. How does it work?

Backup2007 Synchronizer  v.6.5.310

Today computer users access to more than one computer : home computer, notebook, office computer are usual tools. They move data between these devices using USB flash drive, external hard disk or network connection.

Visual ETL Database Transfer Wizard  v.1. 2. 1940

Designed to simplify the transfer of data between different programs. Manual transfer is not only time-consuming, it is error-prone. Removes this barrier by providing an extremely fast, reliable and automatic way to move data. Using VisualETL, you

OraLoader  v.4.6

OraLoader is a data conversion tool that helps database users to import/export Oracle databases to or from flat files and Excel files. With OraLoader, you will finally have the power to move data smoothly.

StepUp PC Migration Tool  v.2.0

This program is a PC migration tool that helps users move data, applications and settings of their old computers to their new computers. The settings unique to the source PC will appear identically on the destination PC.

EMCO Monitor Live Connectivity  v.1.1.1

EMCO Monitor Live Connectivity is a Windows based program that makes it easy and affordable to detect network and server failures, send alerts if a certain host are down. Enterprises that deeply rely on their networks to move data, provide

SharePoint Import Utility  v.Alpha

SharePoint Import Utility help to copy data from one list to other by mapping or can move data from one column to an other in the same list.And can delete all items in list.

Hydrate = RDBMS - Object - XML  v.2.0.02

By allowing you to simply and efficiently move data from Relational to Java Objects to XML and back again, Hydrate gives you the tools to merge, manipulate and report on data from your strategic and legacy reference data, and enterprise data warehous

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